Peaceful Parenting

Are you looking for help in your parenting journey?

Are you struggling in any area with raising your children?

Do you want to feel more connection and closeness with them?

Do you want to learn the ways of peaceful parenting, which is raising children without any violence, threats or intimidation?

I may be able to help.

About Me

Hi, I’m Eric D. Greene, and I’m certified as a parent-coach by the Jai Insitute For Parenting.

I have been helping parents since 2014 with support online, and as a certified coach since 2018.

You can follow me and get to know me better on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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These are the 4 keys to peaceful parenting

  • Refrain from all use of force, intimidation and violence
  • Nurture attachment and connection
  • Treat your children with respect and dignity
  • Work on and heal your own issues